MEETS AC was born out of the overwhelming interest EnergyRM received with the announcement of the first MEETS project (in Seattle).  It was clear that many organizations saw the potential to “un-break” the commercial energy efficiency market – at depth and at scale.  Rather than taking a “proprietary” approach, EnergyRM and its partner, Equilibrium Capital Group chose to try to spread the knowledge about MEETS as rapidly as possible. MEETS AC – a member-supported effort, was born.

In the Coalition’s early days, it was run by EnergyRM as an at-cost project.  In May of 2015, Rob Harmon, the former President & CEO of EnergyRM took over the secretariat role for the coalition for EnergyRM.

More information on the history of MEETS can be found here.

Rob has spent 30 years in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industry.  He helped found the Renewable Energy Markets Association, and served as Chairman of its National Policy Committee.  For ten years he served as Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

More information on Rob’s experience can be found here.