About the Coalition

The MEETS Accelerator Coalition (“MEETS AC”) is an organization with the bold mission to materially advance a 21st-century global imperative: the radical reduction of energy waste in the built environment.

This is a huge challenge, and one with which the developed world has struggled for more than three decades—making minimal headway. The regulatory and market mechanisms for promoting energy efficiency that have emerged over the past thirty years have focused on “skimming the cream” from buildings, and have been largely successful in that effort.

However, these existing mechanisms cannot support the deep energy efficiency improvements that we now need.

  • They were not designed for that purpose.
  • They cannot attract the long-term capital required.
  • At scale, they would undermine the financial stability of our utilities.

Something new is required.

We need a system that strengthens our utilities, attracts long term capital, stabilizes the grid, and goes deep. From the outset, MEETS has been carefully designed to do just that. MEETS reveals that our utilities are the solution – not the intractable problem. That their role as aggregation engines of community energy demand will work just as well for negawatts as it always has for kilowatts. That utilities themselves can enable the cash flows on which investments, jobs, business growth, better and more valuable buildings, and a cleaner and more stable environment, all depend.

To realize this promise, we come together as the MEETS Accelerator Coalition to develop, evolve, and grow the MEETS transaction structure. We expect the path to yield new tools, technologies, best practices, and shared experiences. We expect the path to build the ecosystem that can, at long last, turn this problem into opportunity.

The targeted Coalition membership base is broad. It includes:

  • energy utilities—both investor-owned, and municipal-owned
  • utility regulators
  • investors
  • building owners
  • construction and implementation companies offering value-added technologies, products and services for energy supply, delivery and management—known to the energy sector as ESCOs
  • building code and other relevant standards organizations
  • building designers and architects
  • non-governmental organizations, including non-profits and foundations.

Benefits of membership:

  • Be part of a group of companies and non-profit organizations actively working to implement MEETS internationally.
    • Gather
    • Collaborate
    • Learn
    • Strategize
    • Do business
  • Be the first to know when new deals are struck
  • Connect to experienced legal advisors, familiar with negotiating MEETS agreements
  • Connect with technical advisors for your project