The Bullitt Center


The Bullitt Foundation’s “Living Building” – Seattle, Washington.
World’s first Metered Energy Efficiency generator – utilizes EnergyRM’s DeltaMeter™.

In January 2020, Seattle City Light requested up to 15 additional projects under a new program it calls Energy Efficiency as a Service, which is modeled on MEETS. Information on that rollout can be found here.

The application process was open for 16 weeks (approximately half of it under COVID-19 restrictions). The utility received applications for 4 large commercial office building retrofits and one new multi-family development. The average efficiency gains proposed were over 30%. No utility incentives will be paid.

All five projects are reported to be moving into the contracting phase.

The utility anticipates opening another application request in early 2021.


May 2016:

The MEETS Pilot Interim Report, examining the agreement between the Bullitt Center and Seattle City Light is now available.

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In April of 2015, we announced the first major field test of the Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure (MEETS).  The structure opens the energy efficiency world to utility scalability.  The transaction is supported by OR BEST and the Northwest utility industry’s technical energy efficiency group, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA).

The project features a 20-year utility power purchase agreement, between Seattle City Light and the new Bullitt Center – the world’s greenest office building.  The dynamic baseline metering is provided by MEETS Accelerator Coalition member, EnergyRM.

You will find the City of Seattle’s press release here.

You will find a press release from Perkins Coie here.