SCL Seeks MEETS Projects

On April 12, 2019, Seattle City Light (SCL) formally announced its plans to expand the MEETS Pilot.  SCL refers to this program as Energy Efficiency as a Service (EEAS).

The utility, “wants to hear from interested building owners and contractors who work within their service territory.”  SCL requests that those interested in learning more about the proposed pilot, visit to review the Expression of Interest and take a brief survey to tell the utility about their interest.

The utility will use the survey results to understand the level of interest and craft the formal project solicitation, which is expected to be released in Summer of 2019.

Some highlights:

  • Commercial buildings – New or Existing
  • 50,000 sq’ or larger
  • Minimum efficiency requirement of 25%
  • A PPA for Energy 8-9 cents/kWh for up to 20 years – You read that right.
    • This is energy efficiency being treated like all other energy resources – as energy.
    • This is procurement of Efficiency Energy.
    • You create the metered Efficiency Energy and you get paid for every delivered unit, for 20 years.
  • The utility, not the building owner, is the counterparty – just like other energy resources.
    • We are moving beyond real estate finance, into energy finance. That is powerful.
  • The utility payments can go to either the building owner or an “Efficiency Energy Contractor.”  At the MEETS Coalition, we call that party the EnergyTenant.  (We are happy to tell you why.)
  • The utility then charges the building, at retail rates for the Efficiency Energy it purchased.
    • The building is paying for the Efficiency Energy on the energy bill, as energy.
    • This resolves the split incentive problem.
  • The utility’s program already has (unanimous) regulatory approval in Seattle.
  • Survey responses are due June 30, 2019.

We have been very actively involved in the development of the program details.
If you would like to connect with us for more details and to discuss how best to move forward, please email us at